To make sure you can use information from your customer database wherever you need it, we’ve had support for contact export from the beginning. Today, we’ve released an updated version of the file export, to give you more control over the exported file.

The previous to “Export to CSV” option has been renamed to “Export to File” and now also support Excel (xslx) format, to make it more convenient for those of you who want to work with the exported data in Excel.

We’ve added three pre-defined export templates – “Email addresses”, “Phone numbers” and “Postal addresses”, to support the most common uses of the export functionality. With theses options you get the data you need for email marketing systems, to create a call sheet or a list for SMS marketing, or as the source for a postal marketing message.

Export dialog using pre-defined export template

If non of the pre-defined templates match exactly what you need, you have the “Custom” option where can customize the export to your needs. Choose exactly what data you want to include in the file, and set other export related options, to get the file just like you want it.

If you want to learn more about this, the Export contacts article in our Help center has been updated with information about the new updates.