You’ve been working hard on your marketing campaign, selecting the right audience for your message, but in the back of your head a worrying thought starts to grow – Have we actually received a marketing consent from every person in the audience?

We feel your pain, keeping track of marketing consents is a difficult but important part of your marketing communication – you want to be a nice and friendly organization, right?

Worry no more – our new export feature lets you respect your marketing consents with ease!

we keep track of your marketing consents

For every purchase we import from your ticketing system, we also save information about any marketing consent given by the customer as part of the purchase. This makes it possible for us to keep track of which of your customers have agreed to receive your marketing messages. You don’t have to do anything – we’ve got you covered!

communicate with consenting people

Once you’ve created an audience in MarketHype for your marketing campaign, you want to export the audience to your marketing platforms. However, being a friendly organization, you only want to include people who have given consent to your marketing communication. To support this, we’ve updated all our export dialogs with an additional first step where you get to review your export in terms of marketing consent.

By default, we always exclude all people who haven’t given you a marketing consent, and we strongly recommend you to use this option for all your marketing messages.

Communicate with everyone in the audience

Sometimes you need to send non-marketing information to everyone in your segment – maybe you have important information for everyone attending a specific event. In these cases you might want to override the default option and actually include everyone, even if they haven’t given consent to marketing, and of course we support that as well.

However, remember that with great power comes great responsibility!

Demo of how marketing consent is used in the application

Want to know more?

Our help center is updated with articles about marketing consent and the new contact export.