Customer insights

MarketHype will let you understand your customers, their purchase behavior and how to target them.

Event sales followup

Follow your event sales, with revenue, ticket sales, customer insights per event and much more.

Campaign monitoring

Real time monitoring of social media and email marketing campaigns, with clicks, likes, shares, conversion rate and ROI.

Collecting all your data

MarketHype automatically collects data from your ticketing systems, social media campaigns and email marketing tools.

Always up to date

Customers move, change contact details and grow older. MarketHype keeps this information current at all times.

Secure storage

We store all your data in a secure cloud, with all customer information handled in full compliance with GDPR.

Monitor your campaigns

Our campaign monitor gives you real time insight into how your marketing campaigns are performing.

Research and Development

Current integrations (more to come)

Integration logos - Tickster, Tix, Ticketmaster, AXS, Facebook, Mailchimp, Apsis
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